How can I sign up?

To sign up for Myfunvelope monthly craft subscriptions click HERE. Its simple and free to cancel anytime.

How much does shipping cost?

We are proudly a Canadian company so shipping is FREE anywhere in Canada. Shipping to the United States is $8. 

Whats included in each Myfunvelope monthly box?

Each month your child's craft subscription will include four pre-packaged crafts and activities with easy kid friendly directions. It  will also include one STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activity kit focusing on making learning a fun hands on experience. Everything they need to complete the crafts will be included! Even the glue, markers, and scissors! 

 The first funvelope your child will receive will include a pencil case that the child decorates and uses to store the scissors, and markers  they will use for future craft projects each month. Also included is a learn to draw card, a a fun printable as well as other small toys or activities. Each month follows a new and exciting theme. These themes will never include holidays. So there is no risk of the child receiving holiday crafts after that months holiday. You will be amazed how much fun we can pack into these funvelopes!

How much does it cost to sign up?

Myfunvelopes cost only $18 each month and are billed on a month to month basis! So you can easily cancel at any time. How easy is that! On the first of each month you will be automatically charged the $18. Myfunvelope is proud to be the most affordable children's craft subscription box in Canada.

Do Myfunvelopes include holiday crafts?

No Myfunvelopes don't include holiday crafts for two reasons. The first being that we wanted myfunvelope to be available to all children regardless of what holidays and beliefs are celebrated in their home. the second reason is subscription boxes that include holiday crafts often arrive after that months holiday is over. What fun is that! Myfunvelope will soon be offering single boxes to be purchased seperatly before Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.

When will I receive my Funvelope?

Myfunvelope craft kits ship on the 15th of each month except for December we ship by the third to ensure Christmas delivery. 

What age of child are myfunvelopes for?

Myfunvelopes are designed for children ages 3-9. However we have heard from many parents that older children do enjoy myfunvelopes crafts as well.

What are the benefits of a craft subscription?

Life is busy! We know! Myfunvelope does the work of preparing hours of fun so you don't have too. The crafts in these kits are high quality and most can only be purchased in bulk from our suppliers. All of the crafts have been tested by Myfunvelope. We also provide easy to follow detailed description of wow to assemble each craft with a colour photo of each finished craft within the kit.

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